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Program Director:
Ryan Saber

Promoters: Please call our office: 617-243-2448 before MD cell phones. TY! 

Radio 200 Music Director
Sean Corcoran | cell: 617-968-1417
scorcoran [at] lasell.edu
Office Hour: Wednesday 1-2PM

Hip Hop Music Director
Swooli | cell 617-980-7318

sdebrosse [at] lasell.edu
Office Hours: Tue & Wed 11AM-12PM

Loud Rock Music Director
Matt Berentsen | cell: 631-566-0059
mberentsen [at] lasell.edu
Office Hour: Friday 2:00 - 3:00PM


Promotions Director:
Jessica Goggins

jgoggins [at] lasell.edu

Social Media Manager:
Mike Masala
mmasala [at] lasell.edu

Booking Director:
Taylor Langmead
tlangmead [at] lasell.edu

Graphic Designer:
Emma Helstrom

Kelsey Jones

Promotions Assistants:
Bailey Cramer, Taylor Langmead


Production Manager:
Hannah Wolfe

Digital Asset Manager:
Justin Miller

Operations Manager:
Ryan Saber

Disk Jockeys:
See schedule page

Event DJ(s):
Steve Bruno

Brad Parsons



Sports Director:
Cameron Brennan
cjbrennan [at] lasell.edu

Sports Announcers:
Tyler Chrisman, James Payne,
Tommie Brazile, Zach Brown,
Greg Camillone, Anthony Del Trecco,
Zach White, and Adam Hallenbeck,
and Cam Brennan

Sports Reporters/DJs:
See schedule page


General Manager:
Brian Wardyga
see "contact" page

Station Manager:

Ryan Saber  | cell: 781-363-2371
rsaber [at] lasell.edu

Kelsey Jones
kjones [at] lasell.edu

Brian J. Wardyga, Justin R. Miller,
David Maguire, Parsons Audio


News Director:
Shannon Hart
shart [at] lasell.edu

News Reporters:
Jessica Goggins

Brian J. Wardyga

Ryan Saber


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